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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When in Canada, do as the Bolsheviks do

I first learned about the Ann Coulter v. Canada issue at Legal Insurrection.  That was a while ago (in blog-time), so I was really surprised when I logged in this evening and 4 out of the top 10 sites on my link list were talking about it.

Here's one with some crazy people...FYI:  Crazy people precede Ann Coulter...wherever she goes.  The hope, I suppose, is these people are a little less crazy having been graced with her presence.  Never happens. 

The ever shrugging Atlas decided to take this one up. Atlas is a site dedicated more to eradicating islamofascism than anything else these days, so of course this piqued interest o'er there.

And there were others as well.  

Lets not mince words:  Ann Coulter is sexy.  She's the type of 'sexy' liberal men just can't handle.  She's the true feminist out there, doing what the women of the left sit around wishing they could do.

I'm not a huge Coulter fan, to be honest.  But you pit her against any of the scum sucking-bottom-feeder-hairy-chested-420-filthy-faced-hoes I went to college with...I'm with Ann.  Every time.

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