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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dying for It

Anyone who spends any amount of time talking to me comes to find out that one of the most intriguing characters of all time to me was Peter the Hermit.  If you know nothing about Peter the Hermit, you can easily learn the basics in a quick Google search.  But I'll tell you this:  Peter led a group of common folk to the Holy Land in what came to be known as a "popular crusade".  His goal, for better or for worse, was to appeal to the banditry of the region, to try to get them to stop persecuting Christian pilgrims.  Certainly the thuggees of the middle east wouldn't dare to hinder the path of women, children and the elderly, right?  One would think.  But we know that Peter's gambit failed and the majority of the group he led were slaughtered, captured, raped, robbed or enslaved. 

I recently ran across an article about the effects of the DDT ban in sub-Saharan Africa.  2.7 million people dead from a disease--a disease which we have the cure for in our hands, but do not use.

Environmentalism is the Popular Crusade of our time.  And we'll all die for it.  Don't think for one minute they'll stop with the killing of Africans.  They will come for you, Inquisition style.

Did I mention that Peter wasn't among the victims on the Crusade?  Nah, he sat back in Constantinople, safe from his own cause.

Where's Al Gore building his new house?  Anyone know?

That's all.