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Friday, April 9, 2010

AFL-CIO TOP GOON Lies on camera

Here is the Examiner article on what transpired at the Kennedy school yesterday.  The video is as follows:

Here are 4 videos from the day in question. Tell me, do you see Trumpka in any of them? Anywhere? He said he heard the N word being thrown at John Lewis. I see Lewis, and a ton of protestors...but where is this Trumpka goon?

Here is a video with very clear sound, can you hear the N word?:

Here is MSNBC convicting Tea Partiers of Racism with absolutely no proof whatsoever:

Here, a mindless debate over the spittle incident...still...no...union...thugs...like...anywhere!

Efreet consulted: 2010 MLB Winners Now Known

No talking, just the facts:

American League

  1. Sox 104
  2. Rays   90
  3. Yankees 90
  4. Jays 72
  5. Orioles 70
  1. Twins 85
  2. Indians 81
  3. Tigers 71
  4. Royals 70
  5. Sox 70
AL West
  1. A's 98
  2. Mariners 84
  3. Rangers 81
  4. Angels 81
National League

  1. Braves 91
  2. Phillies 90
  3. Marlins 78
  4. Nationals 71
  5. Mets 70
  1. Cards 103
  2. Brewers 90
  3. Cubs 88
  4. Pirates 67
  5. Reds 66
  6. Astros 66
  1. Giants 90
  2. Rockies 85
  3. Padres 80
  4. Dodgers 80
  5. Diamondbacks 75
Ok, now the talk.  Since I've been utterly wrong in the last 3 years, I've gone with a more traditional approach:  total guessing.  Lay em down boys and squirrels, I'm 100% right this year.  Heh.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So, Tim Burton's Alice is a hit.  So what?  I'm not going to see it.  I'm done with Mr. Burton and his stinky band of merry catastrophers.

I'd rather talk about Lewis Carroll, but that gets all wacky--wocky--whatever.


I could talk about Cobain, then we could all get together for a cry.

Sorry, no.  That's what shotguns do, they go boom.

I'm thinking of a certain WWII vet I knew when I was a child; thinking, reasoning and doing childish things.  Maybe you knew this guy.  Maybe he was the guy down the street, maybe he was your grandfather or someone's parent. Could have been your parent, I don't know. He was the guy that did a weekend's worth of gardening before brunch on Saturday and spent the rest of the weekend in a lawn chair by the garden, watching, waiting, listening. For what, I don't know. He said very little with his mouth. He spoke Biblical proportions with his eyes.

I am thinking about this man today. I don't why. Just am. The immaculate tool shed is what I'm thinking about, really.

The disdainful nonchalance we held in our youths for the traditions of our betters is a sick, sick thing. And that we allowed every exterior influence to reinforce our little tantrummy rebellions is a tragedy.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

There's some Burton in that, some Cobain, and definitely some Carroll.  Or maybe there's just the golden haze of memory's pristine tool shed. 

That's all.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jeff Lawrence, Libertarian

Debating the Economic Meltdown-by Jeff Lawrence

Delia Lopez (R) is sponsoring a debate on Saturday with Democratic candidate John Sweeney and Green candidate Michael Meo. Had I participated, I would have focused on the role that government intervention played in the meltdown. You see, people and companies, including financial institutions, act rationally and consistent with the rules of the game established by law. If the rules are lame, the outcome is lame. With respect to the meltdown that was triggered by the housing bubble, here's my cut with a few edits from my friends.

First and often ignored is the fact that land use regulations in places like California and Oregon have materially impacted real property prices as they make developable land scarce. The Federal Govt. got into the act by trying to social engineer home ownership through banking regulations that lowered lending standards and increased allowable leverage. To accelerate high risk lending, the Feds stepped in with guarantees through Freddie and Fannie and mortgage insurance. Deliberately loose monetary policy created an environment of ‘easy money’ for the banks, made even easier with federal guarantees and new compliance rules designed to lower lending standards and grow leverage. Banks rationally competed for business and for high marks from their federal regulators. Builders rationally capitalized on the ‘amazing’ mortgage products available to their buyers and added cheap illegal labor to build as much and as fast as they could. Consumers and investors bought as much as they could as prices rose as all of these government interventions drove unsustainable supply and demand. Businesses and individuals acted rationally, perfectly consistent with the rules that the government had established; rules that were based on poor risk management and government guarantees.

The bubble and collapse were inevitable. Then, to make matters worse, we elected leaders who believe that more government intervention is the answer. After the bailouts, they further paralyzed the system by taking an additional trillion dollars to share with their friends and grow an already unsustainable government. Add looming tax increases and the hostile takeover of the health care system, and I'm amazed anyone is still in business. But I can tell you how producers keep going because I watched my own team perform under incredible pressure this past year. We rose to new levels of productivity to enable our collective survival. We went to bed hungry and got up early. Unlike the government, our individual livelihoods and compensation are tied to both our own individual production and the survival and performance of our company. We met deliverables and increased performance with shrinking resources through innovation and human expansion. Just like you other producers that keep this economy going, we created real value. This is how we all survive. Enterprise is sustainable. We need to let it live. To my representatives, I say please, stop the social engineering. To my friends in District 3, I ask you to please vote for real sustainability. Join me. Stand up for life, liberty and privacy. The long road back to sustainability starts with us. StandAgainstTheMachine.

District 3 debate showcases contenders, not champ

Congressional candidate Delia Lopez sponsored a debate for District 3 congressional contenders at Benson High School on Saturday night.  And while the parlay between Lopez (R), Michael Meo (PGP) and John Sweeney (D) turned out to be a pretty good spar, the absence of Earl Blumenaur, the current representative for the district, may have kept some concerned citizens away.  Certainly the potential title-fighters who did show up and strap on the gloves deserve credit for attending, which puts each of them one point ahead of a lackluster no-show like Blumenaur.  Certainly he must have been solving world hunger or ending the impending alien invasion from Mars from his popularly disclosed locale of more comfortable confines:  Washington, D.C.
            Of course, politics may be the one game you can win even if you don’t play—especially if you’re the incumbent.  Blumenaur knows this, in fact, he probably knows that the only way to lose would be to show up—a point made by Meo and Lopez during the course of events on Saturday.  Even more to the point, this district, Oregon’s 3rd is one of—if not the—most Democrat laden districts in the entire Universe.  So everyone has to be ready to rumble…except the champ.