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Friday, April 30, 2010

Voting "R" Part One: Suckers

Most people in the know realize the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party are similar in a lot of ways.  If you're not one of these people, however, you may want to check out the Libertarian platform here and the Republican platform here.  And while you're at it, check out the Democrat Party platform here, and for kicks and giggles, the Socialist Party platform here.  It's probably not worth the time to take the effort to point out the close association the Democrat Party has with the Socialist Party (or Green Party), you can decide for yourself what the ramifications of those similarities are, if they exist.  (Hint:  Both parties treat citizens as chattel.)

The one striking difference between the Libertarian and Republican agendas is this:  The use of violence.  Mainly, by this, I mean, war.  There are others, of course, and we're simply talking platform here, not reality.  Libertarians are, for the most part, opposed to violence of any sort.  This is why the Libertarian party appeals to Christians who see a traditional and dogmatic alliance between the teachings of Christ and non-interventionism.  Some Libertarian Christians have argued that even defending oneself is an act of violence, and therefore should be averted.  I personally disagree with this sentiment, as do most Libertarians.  Libertarian philosophy, as you know, is rooted in the precepts of the U.S. Constitution which explicitly grants the National government the capacity to declare war and to protect the citizens of each of the States via unified military and intelligence operations.  To put it crudely:  You put one of ours in the hospital, we'll put two of yours in the morgue.  That's right.  I got your detente right here, pal. 
The use of violence on the personal, societal level, too, is approached differently by Republicans and Libertarians. The Second Amendment, right?    The Second Amendment itself probably has its roots in Biblical teachings.  Maybe it has something to do with Peter taking a sword into the garden or Jesus talking about how he wields a sword as well as peace.  But can we get to an ideological basis that encourages self-defense without any influence--be it Biblical or Constitutional--on our own?  Sure, here's how:  The act of willfully allowing the perpetration of violence is, in itself, an act of willful violence.  No Libertarian would pass by an alley from which the word "help!" and "rape!" were being yelled.  To abandon the duty of Justice, to convince oneself that this duty does not exist or that it belongs to someone else (the police, say) is a default admission of the power of the State over the individual.  No Libertarian would agree with that.  Not one.

But Republicans do.  Constantly Republicans are supporting tighter security, more police, more video surveillence, etc.  Republicans don't want to stand up for themselves.  They want Spiderman or the police to do it for them.  Republicans are the reason behind The Patriot Act.  They are the reason we have to check in six days before our flights.  They are the reason why you better learn how to smile while on the corner of Park and Columbia.  Democrats may be your mommy or your nanny or whatever term we're sticking on them now, but Republicans are your Big Brother.  I got news for you:  Your big brother is a bully.  And he's convinced you to give him your lunch money to watch your back.  Sucker.  And crime rates soar.  Sucker.  And that department of Education the Republicans said they would eliminate in '94?  Yeah, it's taught you how to relinquish your power to the State, willfully, happily, selfishly.  And you never learned how to do the job you've been trained to let someone else do.  Sucker.

Sucker.  Sucker.  Sucker.

Sure, Republicans talk about the Constitution and personal responsibility.  But they don't mean it.  As a whole, they simply don't.  The people in charge of the Republican Party are all about control.  They control you, they control spin, they even control newly elected representatives.  Think about that when considering who to vote for this fall.  Will this person, even though they sound an awful lot like a Libertarian, actually be beholden to the Republican Machine?

Yes.  That person will.  And if that person tries to tell you that he or she won't, that somehow they are special, and you believe them.  You, my friend, are a sucker.

Jeff Lawrence on Bruce Broussard this Sunday

All right!

Listen up!

Bruce Broussard of  Oregon Voter's Digest will be doing a short interview with Jeff Lawrence this Sunday on Channel 11 (Cable channel may vary if you're in East County or Clackamas, check listings).  Also featured on Sunday's show will be Bill Sizemore.  Wish Jeff luck as this will be his first on-air opportunity to voice his position and his candidacy for U.S. Congress.  Man, if anyone can go to D.C. and do what he says he's going to do, it's Jeff.  Make an effort to tune in.