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Friday, September 17, 2010

Why you follow your gut when accepting friend requests.

Mainly, I wanted to reject this pompous rat-faced asshat's friend request because he looked like a freakin' serial killer.  I left the request unanswered for two weeks, then, after realizing that a ton of my friends were friends with him, I accepted it.  Oh, the gut is always right.

Now, listen...I'm not opposed to having a solid debate on term limits.  In fact, It's not like I'm diametrically opposed to the idea.  I simply want to see empirical evidence that changing our Constitution--that is, The Constitution of the United States of America--forever is a good idea.

Anyway, on to the entertainment...


  •  Alan Levy


    12 hours ago
    Molly Nesham Lets send them home to learn what it's like to try to find a job and work for a living.
    9 hours ago

  • Alan Levy To which home? The one in Georgetown, the Hamptons, the Bahamas, in their home district or the one they rent out and conveniently forget to report income on?
    5 hours ago

  • Tim Horton We need to solve the problem with pressure and elections, LONG before that issues gets done. Remember term limits would take a Constituitional change. Fix it NOW, @ the ballot box NOW.... at every level, school boards UP.
    3 hours ago

  • Chris Lostaglia
    I'd like to see some real scientific work on how exactly term limits would do anything besides limit choice. Just by saying it would do X doesn't even come close to convincing me that one of my choices for representation should be removed E...NTIRELY. But since we're just blowing smoke...I'd wager the landscape of politics WOULD change for certain with term limits: Instead of waiting for super majorities, an even more harried, even more secretive process for legislating would ensue--faster and darker than what we just saw with HCR and TARP. What are you going to give them, 12 years? Have fun sleeping by your toilet in years 11 and 12... But, I'll bet someone will prove me wrong with a nice empirical calculus. Go to it!See More
    about an hour ago ·

  • Alan Levy No one cares about the dribble. Get off your own lazy butt and read. It's posted on the Wall somewhere, for the truly lazy. But anyone can look up the Cato Institute or Heritage Foundation. It's allot better checking the definitive sources than popping off silly.
    43 minutes ago

  • Chris Lostaglia
    Whoa. Didn't expect that from you Alan. You're right, I never read and I can't think on my own. I am an idiot, which is probably why you sent me a friend request and I accepted.

    Here is just ONE argument I can make against term limits. ...And there are MANY MORE. I'll use CATO, since you mentioned them.

    ONE: CATO consistently supports a stronger Congressional presence--I have various recordings of lectures I ATTENDED on the very subject. TWO: The administrative branch is term-limited. THREE: By default, a temporally unlimited Congress SHOULD have power over a limited presidential term. FOUR: Congress' power has been waning even AFTER presidential term limits were imposed. FIVE: limiting the duration of powerful members of Congress will further WEAKEN Congress. SIX: CATO is blatantly hypocritical about Congressional term limits and the wont for more Congressional power. SEVEN: You are an ASSHAT BUFFOON.

    Here's a clue, you self important, self-insulating robot, don't ask to friend people you're just going to insult. You don't even know me, you pompous, plastic-faced moonbat.

    Yeah, I'm Mr. Diplomatic.  :D  It's just the way it is on FB these days.  Everyone has to be a complete asshole when they disagree with you.