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Friday, April 9, 2010

Efreet consulted: 2010 MLB Winners Now Known

No talking, just the facts:

American League

  1. Sox 104
  2. Rays   90
  3. Yankees 90
  4. Jays 72
  5. Orioles 70
  1. Twins 85
  2. Indians 81
  3. Tigers 71
  4. Royals 70
  5. Sox 70
AL West
  1. A's 98
  2. Mariners 84
  3. Rangers 81
  4. Angels 81
National League

  1. Braves 91
  2. Phillies 90
  3. Marlins 78
  4. Nationals 71
  5. Mets 70
  1. Cards 103
  2. Brewers 90
  3. Cubs 88
  4. Pirates 67
  5. Reds 66
  6. Astros 66
  1. Giants 90
  2. Rockies 85
  3. Padres 80
  4. Dodgers 80
  5. Diamondbacks 75
Ok, now the talk.  Since I've been utterly wrong in the last 3 years, I've gone with a more traditional approach:  total guessing.  Lay em down boys and squirrels, I'm 100% right this year.  Heh.


s said...

Hrm..I love your picks..err..i love to be able to disagree w/ your picks so much. But I am confused. Are the numbers after each team the projected win totals..or the number of times they will flip-flop on whether or not B Wagner is a good FA pickup..? oh nevermind. For what it is worth.. AL..Yankees :( Tigers, Angels (sorry M's fans..well not really). NL..cards, cards, cards..oh wait that doesnt work, does it? Okay so there ARE other teams in the National League..pfft..who knew..Ok seriously, Dodgers, Cardinals, and (eeewww) Phillies. Thats my two cents for what its worth...

C.T. Lostaglia said...

You are a DAMN FOOL! Do NOT anger the Efreet by insulting his picks! He eats children. Did you know that? WHOLE children. Gulp! Gone!

But seriously, your picks are some kind of weak pasty sauce.

Angels? C'mon. That's such a Joe Morgan pick it's silly. The Yanks are blah, I won't concede that. And the Tigers?! ROFL. You're so far off the Efreet laughs at your childishness.

The NL...Dodgers?! LOLOLOLOL. mkay? The Cards are a duh. And maybe the Efreet will forgive you for the Phillies pick. Maybe.

The numbers behind the teams are the projected wins for that team this year. And no, they don't total 162 games each, it's done using the algorithm at Baseball Prospectus. Yeah, I said I guessed...I kind of did, because you have to to get the numbers going.