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Monday, April 5, 2010

District 3 debate showcases contenders, not champ

Congressional candidate Delia Lopez sponsored a debate for District 3 congressional contenders at Benson High School on Saturday night.  And while the parlay between Lopez (R), Michael Meo (PGP) and John Sweeney (D) turned out to be a pretty good spar, the absence of Earl Blumenaur, the current representative for the district, may have kept some concerned citizens away.  Certainly the potential title-fighters who did show up and strap on the gloves deserve credit for attending, which puts each of them one point ahead of a lackluster no-show like Blumenaur.  Certainly he must have been solving world hunger or ending the impending alien invasion from Mars from his popularly disclosed locale of more comfortable confines:  Washington, D.C.
            Of course, politics may be the one game you can win even if you don’t play—especially if you’re the incumbent.  Blumenaur knows this, in fact, he probably knows that the only way to lose would be to show up—a point made by Meo and Lopez during the course of events on Saturday.  Even more to the point, this district, Oregon’s 3rd is one of—if not the—most Democrat laden districts in the entire Universe.  So everyone has to be ready to rumble…except the champ.

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