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Friday, April 2, 2010

You wanna fight? Game on.

They'll just come up with some snarky derogatory terms for you Ilya. They'll call you an imperialist Jew, they'll call you a racist homophobe. They'll call you all the "idiot" names in their arsenal. They won't debate you Ilya. They can't afford to lose this in the court of their own public opinion--let alone pay your travel expenses...

In related news there's that doctor down in Florida who hung this sign outside his office:

Now that is the type of debate I can go for.  And btw, the Orlando Sentinel took a poll asking whether or not this doctor is doing the right thing, here are the results as of 2:25 Pacific:

Poll: OK for doctor to protest health-care bill by shunning Obama voters?

Lake County urologist Dr. Jack Cassell has put up a sign on his office door reading, "If you voted for Obama seek urologic care elsewhere." What do you think?
What is your reaction to Dr. Jack Cassell's actions?
  • Good for him. Obamacare will be a disaster, and we should keep fighting it. (37461 responses)
  • 83%                                                                                                              
  • Get over it, Doc. Health-care reform was badly needed, and this is just more sour grapes from the GOP. (2528 responses)
  • 6% 
  • Prescription for trouble. No matter what you think of the health-care overhaul, doctors should not impose their political views on patients. (5175 responses)
  • 11%   
45164 total responses
(Results not scientific)

Looks like both the courts of public opinion and the courts of law are going to have a hey day with this.

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