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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oedipus in China

Here the sadness that is so, is thus:  Bodies of 21 babies found in China.  And here my day was going by so swimmingly.  I'd been cracking jokes and twittering about the silly comic book adventures of Rick Grimes in zombie land...

I hate the news. 

Do you like Freud? Freud, as in, Sigismund Schlomo.  You know, the guy with all the penis envy and all that crap?

Well, do you?

I'm indifferent.  Except when I'm not.  I think half the things I was forced to read about Freud in college were meant to encourage me to disregard him as a some sex-craved lunatic.  If there is one thing in life I simply cannot disregard...yeah...sex craved lunatics.  And dead babies floating in a river...

Here is Oedipus Rex, if you want to read it.  Freud uses the parable to posit a theory on why boys fight with their fathers and fall in love with their mothers.  And that is what all the lefty professors emphasize:  Daddy killing and Mother...er...loving.  And here is why I disregard Freud's analysis regardless of (in spite of, really) what my college Jungian proselytizers professors told me:

Oedipus was a baby!  He was an abandoned baby!  Enough with killing your father and screwing your mother!  He was a little innocent boy left to die.  All things that happen after that, happen because of that.

I have no idea how those babies got in those plastic bags, in that river, their mother's names still stamped on their admittance bands.  No idea.  And right now, I guess I don't want to know.

That's it.

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