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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Theft, Lies and Coercion: A leftist gameplan

A Facebook response to another Facebooker posting a highly Digged story about the stupidity of tea-partiers:

...I applaud your effort to limit government, but think it's a bit hyperbole. (yes, sometimes that's how you get someone to listen, but it turns my ears off.) I like this quote from a doctor "I am a doctor. Here is my plight: I will have to pay more in Medicare taxes and take a pay cut at the same time. Having said this, I see patients daily ... that have no money for the medicine they need to live. They return to the E.R. numerous times for their "health care." And guess who pays the E.R. bill? You and I. Either we let these people die at the door of the hospital because they cannot pay. Or, we pay for their health care. There is no other option ... I have a conscience. I won't let my fellow American die at the door. I'll pay for her health care. God forgive me, and the rest of you who complain about it. "

Hmm.  "...turns my ears off."  No wonder these lefties can't learn anything.

I always wondered how people like the person who posted this define "conscience" and how do they justify thievery and coercion?

Now I know.   They simply make up a story about a "doctor" who doesn't know enough about the law to practice medicine...in any state.

A doctor?  Really?  Then he would know that no one is going to "die at the door of the hospital" because they don't have insurance.  He would know that federal law has required doctors to care for people-even if they cannot afford the care-for a long time.  And before the law enforced it, the hippocratic oath enforced it (too bad doctors did themselves in by doing away with the oath in the 70's, eh?)  That quote is a blathering lie and is not from a doctor (unless he's a complete moron).

And it's not just nitwits on FB and Twitter who are saying this.  Remember Chuckie Schumer's infamous:  They're DYING!  AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! PEOPLE ARE DYING!!!!

In my state (Oregon) there has been a minimum of charitable care (uncompensated care) hospitals have been required to provide for some time now.  Yes, An actual law that says they pretty much have to work for free!

Makes you wonder what the term "conscience" means to people like this, doesn't it?  But hey, if they can make up quotes from "doctors" and cherry pick among Tea Party members, I can do the same thing...it's only "fair", right?

Tea: Define "Conscience"

Lefty: Uh, like, to like steal from people is ok if you've really convinced yourself that you deserve or need their stuff more than they do.

Tea: Did you know that hospitals have been required for a long time to service people in need of medical attention whether they have insurance or not.

Lefty:  Yeah, but we all have to pay for that care and that's like, not fair or something.

Tea:  Did you know that many states have had laws requiring hospitals to meet a minimum of charitable care each year?

Lefty: So!  That, like, doesn't count...or something!

Tea:  Did you know that the U.S. Postal Service loses 14.4 million pieces of mail each year?

Lefty:  What does that have to do with, like, healthcare?

Tea:  Hmm...maybe nothing.  Maybe everything.  I for one don't really want to find out if they have anything to do with each other.

Lefty:  You're an idiot, uneducated loser.  And you have no conscience!

Tea:  Fine.  Let's talk about fairness.  That's what lefties are really talking about when they say "conscience" isn't it?

Tea:  Name one other industry that is so regulated that it is not allowed to do business across state lines?

Lefty:  Uh...

Tea: O.K. Maybe an "unfair" question.

Lefty:  Yeah!

Tea:  Can you name one commercial entity that is restricted against doing business across state lines but has a competitor who is allowed to do so without impunity?

Lefty:  ...

Tea:  Does that scenario sound fair to you?

Lefty:  People are DYING!  They are DYING!

Tea:  Right.  It is so vital and imperative that we do something now. That is why this law will have no effect on the health system in this country for four years.

Lefty:  What?

Tea:  Yawn.  This is getting too easy.  You ask me a question now.

Left:  Yeah!  Ok.  Why do you hate people so much?

Tea:  Because they steal from me and justify the theft with lies and enforce the lies with coercion.  That's why.

That's it.

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