Different Floors of the House

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Gone, not Gone

It only seems the blogosphere is suffering from post health-care anxiety syndrome...no matter how we feel. They are out there.  Still writing. Still fighting. 
Monday was a day of mourning across the conservative blog community it seemed.  Many people didn't even show up to write one lousy article.  The amount of feeds went down.  But the amount of hits went up.  That's where it's all at.  That's why these guys write.  Because you never know who's coming to read your thoughts, laid out here in electronic ink. And on Tuesday, the info streaming in is hard to keep up with...Everyone's back.

No matter how drowned in disappointment I am--no matter how heavy my fingertips feel as all the tension and turmoil and vein-bursting blood rushes to their tips--I'll be here, pressing that quill.

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