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Friday, March 26, 2010

He just don't get it.

Here is a little snippet of president Obama's little speech about that little bill that just became a BIG LAW:

Why does he keep doing this? Blaming the insurance companies for the federal government's failures?  Quite simply, it is the dynamic, singular regulation of this industry which has stifled and spoiled it.  I won't toy with the idea that he's ignorant, I think he knows what's going on--has been going on for quite some time now.

Only private insurance is restricted from doing business across state lines.  Only private insurance has to contend with an entity which constantly passes laws in favor of itself and against its competitors.  Only private insurance is answerable to the very people who want it destroyed.  Only private insurance companies have to battle with a competitor with unlimited resources who can print money, bribe people with that money, and use their coerced henchmen as agents of usurpation in any way they see fit.  Only them.  And here you thought the democrats were all about "fairness".

Let's be clear, this problem of over-regulation and restriction is not the Obama administration's fault.  This has been going on for a hundred years.  I for one find it funny that the government believes it can replenish the fields IT IRRADIATED by irrigating them with the same poisonous waters it killed them with in the first place.  Funny.  Funny. Funny.

Not so funny:

It was the government that institutionalized the poorly conceptualized 'cost plus' system with Medicaire. 

It was the government that encouraged provider-based health care systems of delivery and pre-enrollment.

It was the IRS itself that allowed the institutionalization of employer-paid insurances-a practice bereft of quality and ripe for the picking and abuse by labor organizations--which the government allowed encouraged mandated through legislation and interventionism.

It is the government's own tax code that encourages 'first-dollar' insurance options as tax avoidance measures--that is to say: if we can save money and get weaker insurance, we will do so almost every time.

It was the government that enacted the so-called "experience rating" which drastically skewed any equatable coverage system across the board.

It was the government that instituted Medicaire A and B, third party payer systems that have proven our humanness: if someone else is paying for it (with imaginary money) LET'S GO SHOPPING!

It was the government who bribed the medical industry into accepting these fruitless, enslaving plans.

It was the government that created the ill-conceived Health Maintenance Organization (in order to fix all the aforementioned problems the government itself created). The HMO failed as a cost-saving measure, as a quality-of-care measure and as a linchpin of fiscal security.

It is the government's own state-mandated insurance policies which have effectively costed people out of the health insurance market, historically (small businesses)and it is the oncoming mandates that will force them beyond that, into bankruptcy and liquidation.

We could go on and on and on. The governmental restrictions and regulations on the health insurance industry are a blight on the economic prowess of this nation and it will continue to be exactly that...and worse.

So yes, Mr. president, we will fight you tooth and nail, while we still have a doctor willing to fix our broken teeth and a manicurist able to stay in business long enough to weather this torrent of idiocy you have just signed into law.


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