Different Floors of the House

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Consummatum est

It's over.

Adolf Pelosi wins.

You can watch the demise of the Republic HERE.
I certainly hope everyone will remain calm.  Have some cookies and milk.  Hell, I dunno, go to the batting cage and whack a few dents into some balls or something.

Whatever you do, don't sit and stew.

Ok, wait.  Here.  I got it:  READ THIS.

That might help...

A e-group hug?

Not quite a haiku...but maybe poetry helps:

You're going to live.  You're going to die.  Between, there will be you and I.


That's all I got.

That's it.  That's all.


Karey said...

Between the living and the dying, I hope people choose to stand and fight. I have yet to see the President enforce an executive order. If you have to bribe and coerce just to pass a bill, how solid is your foundation?

C.T. Lostaglia said...

I dunno, a sandcastle comes to mind...

tonyb said...

i don't understand a lot of this stuff. i pay my own hefty premiums for Kaiser out of my pocket. Does this mean my premiums will go up? (again)?

C.T. Lostaglia said...

Not necessarily. In fact, it may actually drive down the cost of your premiums in the long run...but that comes at the cost of everything from the services you recieve (availability) to how much R&D and technology your PROVIDER is willing to invest in. See the thread on nobel prizes for medicine and look closely what happened to countries who socialized their systems...


Heck, we'll know in about four years what will happen to prices. We'll know almost immediately how it will affect our donations to the federal gov't in taxes. That's right, we start paying for it now and get the services later.

tonyb said...

hmmm, no bueno!