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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What it takes for an Oregon democRat to sell out

Friday, Peter (The Rat) DeFazio mentioned some kind of something about why he was going to vote no on President Obama's health care bill.  He said, in some fuzzy, nondescript, roundabout way that the rural areas in Oregon would be treated unfairly in this bill.  So, being the man of principle that he is, he held out until he got what he wanted from Obama and the DemocRats.

Sorry to do this to you again...


He got nothing of the kind.  If fact, he really didn't GET anything at all.  He got a promissory note from Obama--a man that has failed to keep his word in just about everything.  Yeah, real smart guy, this DeFreakio.

I love Oregon.  I love my city, Portland.


You know what our most popular bumper sticker is?  "KEEP PORTLAND WIERD".  It should say "KEEP PORTLAND STUPID"  But then, Defazio is doing a damned good job of both.

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