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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meanies on the Left of me Meanies on the Right

We already know the Democrats of my generation are big meanies.  They're rude, lascivious, condescending and blatant screamers-in-the-face of even the most minor opposition.  We're used to that.  We've seen their handbook.  In fact, I'd have to say that the pro single-payer or government option or abortion-on-demand lefties have been fairly (I said FAIRLY) low-key during this whole process.  Perhaps they woke up one day and saw all the angry tea-partiers and town hall participants and said "whoa!  we woke the beast!"  Maybe.  But now...now they've seen the ripples of the center-right majority and staunch conservatives combine with the libertarian-minded into as big a wave as it can probably get and they're ready to shore up the defense.
Poor Bart Stupak.  Well, actually, he is a congressman, he should be prepared for a little strife when making an unpopular stand--a stand opposite that of nearly every democrat I've ever met:  abortion is a right.  I've seen first-hand the physiological transfiguration that happens to lefties when they even have to glance at pro-life literature.  They get all red in the face and their muscles tense up, it's like looking at a gyrating Daffy Duck right before he's about to blow up into a thousand pieces.  And now, the very health care bill they so desperately want passed could quite possibly be exactly that which they fear the most:  two thousand pages of pro-life literature.  Poor Bart.  I feel for you, bro.  I feel even more for your wife:

"The fight has taken a toll on his wife, who has disconnected the phone in their home to avoid harassment.
“All the phones are unplugged at our house — tired of the obscene calls and threats. She won’t watch TV,” 
--The Hill

Obscene phone calls and threats.  Sounds about right...for the left.

But if you think the left has the meanness market cornered, think again.  Actually, no, you wouldn't think that, because that's all you ever hear about the tea parties.  They are ignorant, idiotic, racist, etc, etc, etc.  The "racist" one I find especially annoying.  Is it not common knowledge that the VAST majority of black voters are democrats?  In case you didn't know, NINETY FIVE PERCENT OF BLACK VOTERS VOTED FOR OBAMA IN 2008...hopefully that is clear enough for you.  So then, of course you won't find a lot of black voters at a tea party.  But the fact that you find any black Americans at anti-healthcare rallies really, really, really makes the left utterly, insanely irate.)

But the right can get irate too.  Yes.  They can.  Usually it takes someone trying to cram some neo-socialist crap down there throat.  But sometimes, when they are already stewing, all it takes is for some random guy to cross the street and goad them into acting out:

Yeah, throwing money at a guy with a sign that says he has Parkinson's disease isn't very nice. I suggest not doing this. In fact I strongly urge against it. Even if the street was acting as a barrier between the pro health care advocates and the protesters and this guy decided he was entitled to be the only one to cross the street and park his dog and pony show right in the face of the opposition.  So he got a little back in his face.  And what, forty bucks to boot?  Kind of ironic isn't it, that the protester had to pay cold hard cash in order to be mean.  Heck, I might go pose as a guy with chronic restless leg syndrome and park my wriggly self on the street if it's a paying position.

Meh.  In the end we all see only what we want to see.  And I suppose the self proclaimed Parkinson's victim was the equivalent to democrat maddening pro-life literature for that angry, WHITE guy.

That's it. That's all.

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