Different Floors of the House

Friday, March 19, 2010

Home Improvement

I've added some pages up at the top of the bloggy thing there. .  Never fear, this is not to confuse you, it's more for my benefit than anything (I are cornfuzed and befuddlimificated often). 

You'll still be able to see the latest stuff on the main page, for the most part.  But...you may wanna check those tabs every now and again.  (It's where I'll be putting articles I post on other websites and other junk that is totally random).

Nothing there now, don't bother looking. :D

Oh, and thanks for reading and helping this blog reach milestone after milestone. To follow the blog (something I just instigated last month when I got serious about this whole blogging thing) just scroll down and select FOLLOW). 

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