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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lindsey Graham Gets one Right...But he's still a rat

So what if Mr. Graham understands a little bit of why We the People are totally opposed to Them the Lawyers doing jack smack with health care?  He's still a gurly-gurl-neo-con-elitist-glorified-National-Mall-rat. 

I didn't see the interview, but apparently Senator Rat said the American people are "tired of this crap" on ABC's "This Week", referring to the latest maneuvering by house democrats regarding the health care bill.

Here is the article I read at the Hill.

That's nice that Senator Rat has crept away from his little cubby-hole in the dark confines of NIMH long enough to smell where the cheese is really coming from.  But it don't change the fact that this rodent is nothing more than a scavenging squatter on the refuse pile that has become Washington, D. C.

Who wants to go through the trouble of photoshopping Lindsey Graham as a red-eyed villainous rat?  I started to do it, but I couldn't stop laughing when it came time to apply the whiskers...he started looking way too much like Maeve Binchy to me...

But I did find this one courtesy of Lucas Gardner:

I have no clue how that isn't freakin' spot on.  Still...I'd like to see his little rat feet and disgusting little rat tail portrayed a little more vehemently. 

Until Senator Rat apologizes for dissing Ron Paul, I'll joyfully detest his little ratlike snickering...cuz, that's all it is. 

Senator Graham:  Let me tell you something you little rat fuck.  Ron Paul is trying to fix what you neo-cons SHIT UPON.  You say one more nasty thing about Ron Paul, you-you-little rat bastard, and I swear to God I'll conjure Barry Goldwater's ghost to kick your ass so bad you will look like Maeve Binchy.

That's all.

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