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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The New York Mets--My Fondest Memory

Well, I feel a little naked going into this with little to no experience. But I figure it's only proper that my first post should be about the Mets, since they are a huge passion of mine and easily accesible. Sure, sure, I'll write about politics, philosophy, God and family as well, but this is a safe place to start. Dontcha think?

Here I present to you one of the happiest solitary moments of my existence. Being a huge Mets fan from way back (I'm told I hollered out "Let's go Mets" and the ripe ol' age of three). As I remember this game dragged on and on. I was at my in-laws house and they were kind of standing around waiting for the game to end (they are Cubs fans and had little interest in this game). The game was rainy and long. Eventually the whole family went out to eat dinner in the dining room, leaving me to my Mets in solitude. Not five minutes after the family had left the room, Robin Ventura (#4 in the picture above) wins the game with a Grand Slam, but since he was jumped on by his teammates on the way to 2nd base, he was credited with an RBI single only. Who cares? They won. I'll never forget the feeling of my heart fluttering into my gut. I was so strapped for air I could barely yell "Grand Slam!".

Here's the video. So good.

I saw game 6 of the World Series in 1986, and as that was exciting as well, I remember the events at the end were confusing to me, with the ball through Buckner's legs and all that dancing on home plate (Ray Knight...bahlee dat) so the sense of elation was stifled. So this, this truly Amazin' feat will always be my #1 moment in baseball memories. Of course, I would be remiss if I were to suggest that this is Robin Ventura's "shining moment" and I know my brother Jay would find it necessary to instantaneously remind me of exactly what that moment was...so I'll beat him to the punch, so to speak:

Robin: "Ouch!"
Nolan: "That's right sonny, you're getting pummeled by grandpa Ryan!"
Robin: "Owwie!"
Nolan: "Oh, stop whining, this is just my uppercut, wait till you see my left hook!"
Robin: "Is that Old Spice I smell?"
Nolan: "That's right, kid, goes on smooth, lasts all day, just like this ass whoopin'"

Of course, we can laugh at that. If Robbie were a Met then, he would smacked that Geritol poppin', John Wayne wannabe into the dust. Mets are tough, seriously. Mets fans are even tougher. And since this is a time for firsts, and to make me feel a bit better about feeling so naked on my virgin voyage into the blogosphere, I thought I'd link to a first of a (ahem) different variety. Viewer Beware!


Thanks for coming along for the ride!

CT Lostaglia

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