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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Old News is an Old Guest

This old guy is "Clearly Inappropriate."  And, apparently he's not alone,  this duck is 80 years old and still copping a feel.

Another venerable violator.

41 might not be old in the real world but this gridiron grandpa needs whatever the opposite of Viagra is.  (The Rosie O'Donell pill?)

Elderly.  Elderly. Elderly.

Geriatric Motors is selling more stuff.  How patriotic.  So what is granny gonna do with that brand new Buick?

The National debt, which was born in 1836 is reaching astronomical proportions.  Go us.

These two old dudes are going to get themselves killed on a mountain--which is fine, but what's that about a Russian Silicon Valley and why is Arnie...oh never mind.  None of our business.  Lathspell.

Apparently, Baby Boomers are a bunch of whiners.  Welcome to 40 more years of entitlement hell.

Alright, maybe they're not all sissies.

This guy is a Baby Boomer.  That'll be enough trashing that little clique.

10,900,000... and counting, to be sure.

Don't worry Chuck.  These days are long behind you.

But seriously, you tell me which is more morbid, this eerie, spookiness or the responses to it?

Even criminals are getting older.

And older.

Didn't Burgess Meredith play the Penguin in the old Batman television show?  Maybe criminality is the key to longevity.

Or is it bacon?

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CT Lostaglia said...

Haha! I just read my own post. What a funny guy I am.