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Monday, August 9, 2010

The things we say

So...I made a list over the last week of all the things I say to my 2-year-old daughter, and here are the top ten.  I tried to make this as scientific as possible...for whatever that's worth.  Unbelievable, how little imagination I have:

10.  You need to eat that.
9.  O.K. (TIE)
9.  Be nice (or some form of this) (TIE)
8.  You have your own bed; you should sleep in it.
7.  Let's go!
6.  Do you need to go?
5.  Are you going to go or not?
4.  Sometimes...I like to eat people!
3.  Goodnight.
2.  Booboo bear!
1.  No.

Freud was right. 

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