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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mark Levin...For you

Mark Levin is just another one of those blatherers who insists on duct-taping the words "Judeo" and "Christian" together to further his propensity for moral regulation. He's a sickening fraud to liberty. I graciously extend my middle finger to you, Mr. Levin.

How did the term Judeo-Christian come about?  It's a WWII term concocted by international socialists in their attempt to propagandize the American citizenry against national socialism.  National Socialism (NAZI) was/is pretty freakin' heinous.  But International Socialism (USSR) was/is far more disgusting and denigrating to the concept of Natural Law.  The only thing worse than propaganda is using freeze-dried propagandistic terms YOUR ENEMY CONCOCTED to promote your own propaganda.  And that's what Mark Levin does at every turn.

I'm not going to write a three thousand page thesis on how silly I find Mark Levin to be, but I'll give one example from his little rag of a book called Liberty to Tyranny.  This is from the ON FAITH AND THE FOUNDING chapter from that "book":

"In his 1964 speech accepting the Republican nomination for president, Senator Barry Goldwater declared that "those who elevate the state and downgrade the citizen must see ultimately a world in which earthly power can be substituted for Divine Will, and this Nation was founded upon the rejection of that notion and upon the acceptance of God as author of freedom."
While in his later years Goldwater denounced certain proselytes, in this, his most important speech, his call to God's will and the founding--linking one to the other--could not have been more unequivocal."

Now, ahem. "Goldwater denounced certain proselytes"?  Who?  Why?  Dontcha think that's a little bit important?  I'll tell you why:

Because they tried saying the same *#$!(#% things Mark Levin just said before he quoted Goldwater--and they too said these things for profit.  Goldwater hated that.

The Great One, huh?

Again, using the propaganda of his betters to promote a tired agenda.  Is God the author of freedom, yeah, according to Natural Law--the philosophy this nation really was founded upon--He is.  

Does that mean we're a "Judeo-Christian" country?  For the love of Barry Goldwater, NO!

That's all.

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