Different Floors of the House

Monday, July 12, 2010


Here is another example of the Oregonian missing the mark on a story.

I do believe the 14th amendment and our supreme court have both imposed the 4th amendment on our states.  That's the issue here, they took his property, destroyed a portion of it and then returned it in a compromised state.  This is illegal, and THIS is why they settled. 

See also:  Mapp v Ohio (1961)

 Keep the gestapo bullshit in the sullied annals of history, please.

As far as recording cops and their supposed "expectation of privacy"...that's all really laughable. Welcome to the 21st century, morons.  You've got no expectation of privacy in public.  You've got no expectation of privacy as a public official.  Yeah.  NONE.

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