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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Duverger was WRONG and...

...and anyone supporting Duverger's claim is a Nationalist.  Anyone who deals with an association that relies on Duverger's theory of mandatory two-party systems of government is not worthy your time.  In short, Duverger was an elitist scumbag and so is the Independent Caucus.

“Duverger's Law, which essentially says that, 
in a system dominated by two parties, third party 
candidates almost always are either marginalized, 
or serve to help the party which is furthest away 
from the third party's niche.”

The Two-Party System Leads to Totalitarianism
In some areas a member from a particular political party CANNOT WIN.  For instance, if you live in a major metropolitan area that sends a member to the U.S. Congress, chances are, that person is a Democrat.  In some extreme instances, Republicans in these districts receive a pitiful average of 30% of the vote.  Why is that?  The answer is easy:  Education.  Or rather, under-education.  In some cases, blatant mis-Education.  But really, it is a matter of unbalanced education.  The amount of education a child receives in the city from his school far outweighs the education he receives from his parent(s).  Which national party controls the Teachers Unions?  Yeah.  They are arming an electorate and insulating them from exterior influence.  This has NOTHING at all to do with Duverger's "law".  It has everything to do with totalitarianism--in the true sense of the word: "total". Think like us or we'll make you think like us.

In our cities, the role of parents and nuclear families is downplayed (even ridiculed and belittled by leftist academicians--most of whom come from affluent suburban families, ironically) and the role of the child as a social victim is enhanced.  Families are mean, they hurt you, fathers abuse you or abandon you...you don't need them, you've got us...then you grow up under the working assumption that fathers are superfluous and what do you do?  Well, you knock up whomever you want and abandon the results of that action.  If you haven't seen this is action, then you're either one of the affluent white leftists or you live outside the infrastructure of our ever-socializing major cities.  If the latter is the case, a word of warning is in order:  you are a redneck hillbilly white-trash racist bible-thumpin' gun totin' anti-semite, anti-palestinian.  In other words, you're representative is probably a Republican and even though your U.S. Senator had traditionally been a Conservative, she's not now. 
This means that Duverger's theory is wrong at some level (the local level) and in some cases, instead of three or multiple parties (which is the normal counter-argument to Duverger.  i.e. Canada, Great Britain), we get ONLY ONE (i.e. U.S.S.R., China, North Korea, Libya, Venezuela, Cuba).

Less choice is no choice.  That's right.  If you support the two party system, you're an agent of totalitarianism because eventually one of the two parties will FAIL.  Where are the Whigs?  Then something rises up to the champion party only to get knocked down again (Republicans and Democrats have both experienced this phenomenon throughout this nation's history). 

Thank you to the Independent Caucus for not realizing any of this and adopting a broad-sweeping, generic, Marxist approach to "independence".  Thank you for reinforcing the status quo.  Thank you for making the Teachers Union's job all the easier.

You rock.


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