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Friday, February 5, 2010

Why are democrats so $#*!ing mean?

Today, the illustrious, outspoken, Kari Chisholm of blueoregon.com made a request of his subscribers to donate to the Make a Wish Foundation and the charity fundraiser being sponsored by a local FM radio station. What a noble, righteous effort, we say! Kudos!

Oh wait. That's not what Mr. Chisholm asked us to do...Here's a transcript, verbatim, of Kari's vitriol:

Make Bob Tiernan Pay!
Kari Chisholm

All day today, Portland's lite-rock station K103 is running a radio-thon fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Oregon. Make-A-Wish, of course, is the organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses. They provide hope and happiness to children and families that need it most.

Anyway, Bob Tiernan - the chairman of the Oregon Republican Party - just called in to the radio-thon and pledged $500. Tiernan told Make-A-Wish that if Democrats called in and made donations that totaled in excess of $500, he'd match the Democrats dollar-for-dollar.

So, folks, this is our chance: Donate to a worthy cause - and empty Bob Tiernan's wallet. All of us, combined, can surely put a little hurt on Tiernan's bankroll. One man vs. the Oregon progressive grassroots? We can do this.

Make your donation by calling Make-A-Wish at 503-598-9474. More info here. All donations stay right here in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

And remember, this is key: Tell 'em you're a Democrat calling to match Bob Tiernan's donation.

I'm in for the first $100. Who's with me? Whether you've got $5, $50, or $500, let's bring Tiernan to his knees.

So, let's break this down, shall we?

1. The Headline. Make X Pay. This is standard left-wing vitriol that spans across political real estate from health care to business liscensing. Democrats (especially progressives) don't care who they're helping--at least, not as much as who they are hurting in the process.

2. "Put a little hurt on Tiernan's bankroll" In essence, it isn't Mr. Tiernan that Mr. Chisholm abhors, it's his money. You see, to democrats, money in the hands of an ideological rival is money that needs to be procured, cleansed, and redistributed.

3. It's the Make a Wish Foundation, for crying out loud. I bet dollars to donuts, if it were Catholic Charities, Chisholm wouldn't have even paid attention to it. Make a Wish, for all it's good works, is a pebble to the Global Gibraltarian Rock that is CC. But that doesn't matter to ideologues, they'll gladly sacrifice/ignore/castigate/ their high moral ground when God is involved.

4. "Bring Tiernan to his knees". My goodness. He's a politician! He's not Pol Pot or even Che Guevera for that matter...why would anyone want to "bring" a politician "to his knees". Maybe Mr. Chisholm is using his site as an electronic outlet for his rest-stop bathroom fantasies? Oh, sorry, now I'm being mean.

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