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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Vetting Van Jones for Tom Brokaw

This week’s roundtable discussion on Meet the Press with David Gregory was dominated by two topics in the first part of the show: The president’s speech to schoolchildren and Anthony “Van” Jones’ early departure from his advisory position in the White House.

While discussing Van Jones’ demise, Tom Brokaw, the former anchor of NBC News and regular contributor to many NBC affiliated shows makes the point that information gathered from the internet is unvetted and dangerous. And while Brokaw has a good point—all information should be vetted individually—Thomas Friedman, columnist for the New York Times, then finished off the conversation by saying: “The internet is an open sewer of untreated, unfiltered information.”

Apparently, Freidman and Brokaw choose to have our news filtered by the powers-that-be before we, the meek and huddled masses, get our eyes and ears on it. Brokaw even says as much regarding the multitudinous internet investigations of Van Jones: “…it requires political and social leaders to stand up and say ‘This is crazy’”. So, according to Brokaw, we have to vet the information personally, then ship our assessments off to our priests or shrinks or congressmen for validation? Aren’t these news men? Should not they be the ones doing the vetting? And the major networks and news press in this country wonder why we don’t trust them anymore.

Fine, Tommy boys. If you didn’t take the chance to vet the Van Jones stories afloat on the internet, I’ll do it for you.

Here is the video in which Jones states all white people are responsible for pollution in black communities:

Here is Jones admitting his communist sympathies and radical idealism

I don't have to link to Van Jones calling people derogatory terms, they are all over the web, for crying out loud.

Here is the document linking Jones to the “truther” movement

Here is the link to Reclaiming Revolution, the “handbook” for STORM: (By the way, Mr. Brokaw, you really should read this. In this frothing cauldron of bile, the originators of STORM call you and your leftist ilk “racists”. I’m wondering if they might have a point…)

Now, that wasn't really that hard to do, Tom. In fact, it took me about thirty minutes to put this entire thing together. I’m sure I left some things out. But I think we all get the point, right Tom? Actually, I should mention, the only thing I didn’t find, was any evidence that Jones was ever in jail after the LA riots of ’93. But then, he was the one who offered up that information, so it must be true, right? Yeah. Right.

Ok, I’ll ship this off to my priest for validation and get back to you.

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