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Friday, June 12, 2009

Nuclear Wasps or Stimulus Sting?

The Associated Press reported today that some routine maintenance performed at the dormant Hanford Nuclear Site in 2003 is having some glowing side effects:

Radioactive wasps.


Apparently, the maintenance crew was watering down some dust 6 years ago and the mud created by the dousing attracted wasps. So now, SIX years later we are hiring some people to go out and dig up--get this--six to twelve inches of topsoil from SIX acres! What the...?

Anyone thinking what I'm thinking? Why are we doing this now? Six years is a long time. And according to the "spokesman" (The AP report never says exactly who he is a spokesman for) the wasp nests that accrued there are "fairly highly radioactive". Fairly highly? If that's the case what possibly could have been the hold up on cleaning this mess up before? What possible "change" could have occurred to make the clean up necessary or even possible now?

One word: Stimulus. Or if you prefer the real word: Farce.

The AP report never asks where the funds for the clean up were coming from, never asks how long the clean up will take, never once asks why the clean-up hadn't happened before and more to the point along our current unemployment trend: how many jobs did these glowing little buzzers just create?

Feeling stimulated yet? Feeling…stung?

We aren't allowed on that site to investigate this supposed bee eradication. We don't need to go anyway. We'd go out there looking for some wasps only to end up smelling a rat.

Here's the story on KATU

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a congressman to call.

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